Porcupine hills lodge

private seniors housing in Claresholm, Alberta



Behind our main facility we have 15+ units for seniors who aren't quite ready to move into our main facility. 

2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom 

2 Spacious Bedrooms 

& 1 Bathroom

Spacious Kitchen &

 Living Room

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Winter & Summer Maintenance 

Our maintenance staff clear sidewalks and driveways in winters, and mow the lawns in the summer. 

2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom 

Facility Bus

Weekly trips to downtown Claresholm.

Monthly trip to Lethbridge as well. 


Outback residents are welcome to participate in recreational activities inside our main facility as well as partake on off site outings.

Winter & Summer Maintenance 


Outback residents are welcome to join for meals inside our main facility for a small fee.

*Must call ahead in order to come for meals.